April 2018

Real Crete

  • Duration: 8 hours Αpproximately
  • Day available: Thursday
  • Language: English, German, Franch
  • Location: Anogia Village , Zoniana Village, Axos Village
  • Price: €38
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  •  Professional and multilingual speaking guide.
  • Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.
  • Sfendoni cave  entrance fee: 4 euro per adult, children until 11 years old free.
  • Axos museum entrance fee: 3 euro per adult, children 5-18 years old 2 Euro.
  • Dioskouri Monastery : 1 Euro.
  • Tips and Individual expenses.

If you want to explore the real Crete , this is the best excursion for travelers who want to visit traditional villages of Crete with no ofancy restaurants and touristic places,but with the help of our local knowledge and the little details we will explore the real Crete.Amazing landscape,the traditional villages of Crete ,places to stop for pictures and the amazing Cave of Sfendoni are what we call the real Crete.

Our first stop in the most traditional village of the island ,Anogia.This village is a large mountain village with population of 5,000 and lays on Mount Psiloritis in the central Cretan prefecture of Rethymno.The village has two aspects,our guide will escort you and guide you until the Old Anogia, which is the lower part ,reached selling Cretan traditional products.You are more likely to see men wearing the Cretan baggy trousers tucked into their boots ,heads decorated with nets,here than just about anywhere else in Crete.We will have the opportunity to go in one of the traditional houses in Anogia to see the handmade souvenirs and watch the old way that women were used to fix handmade blankets ,clothes etc.

We continue to the famous Sfendoni cave , in Zoniana village.The cave is one of the most important caves in Greece , covering an area of about 3,000 square meters.The cave’s unique and rare beauty mesmerizes everybody , establishing it as one of Crete’s most beautiful caves.Visitors are allowed to explore a route of about 270m, along which they can admire a variety of impressive formations.Large columns create labyrinthine compartments inside the cave and stalactites and stalagmites of different colors and shapes decorate the cave’s chambers.

After Sfendoni cave it’s lunch time in Anogia village, in the tavern where you have magnificent view of the village and the surrounding area, a perfect place to capture the beauty of real Crete in your photos.The cuisine of Anogia is typical of the traditional Cretan one.The wealth and the quality of the products of the island over the centuries had as a result a cuisine with unique taste and freshness.The secret of Cretan diet is the rich variety of products of Cretan land and the olive oil, which is used in all the dishes .Cheese, honey , aromatic plants and many other products of Psiloritis are the basis for the miracle called the cuisine of Anogia.Top tastes are “ofto” and cheese.These are the true , authentic tastes of real Crete.

On the way back to our hotels,we make a stop in Axos village and visit the Monastery Dioskouri.In Axos village we will visit the museum and the workshop and find out the aesthetic and artistic proposal , traditional elements, folklore elements (for example, the marking of the animals), sociological data (the family structure,the position of man and woman), historical evidences etc.After the museum we make our last stop in Dioskouri Monastery ,one of the oldest monasteries in Crete.In the center of the courtyard there is the church of St.George.The old icon of St.George is famous to the Cretan herders who swear on that when they are accused of stealing animals.

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Wine & Pottery Flavours

  • Duration: 8 hours Approximately
  • Day available: Thursday
  • Language: English, German, French
  • Location: Myrtia Village , Thrapsano Village ,Skalani Village
  • Price: €33
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  • Professional and multilingual speaking guide.
  • Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.
  • Free pick up service from any place between Malia – Agia Pelagia.
  • Pottery factory entrance fee : Free
  • Myrtia museum entrance fee : 3 Euros.
  • Winery factory entrance fee : 6 Euros.
  • Tips and individual expenses.

This wine and pottery excursion is a trip back in time,exploring the tradition and the art of the Minoan Pottery , visit the richest monastery in Crete,Agarathos Monastery,and the birth place of N.Kazantzakis the vilage Myrtia and finally we will enjoy a tour in Boutari’s cellar,in the production area and the rest area of the estate.

Our first stop in Agarathos Monastery,the richest monastery in Crete.It is considered the first in the hierarchy of the monasteries of the island.In front of the church you will see  a pomegranate tree with a candle near it’s trunk.The pomegranate is said to e the initial plant of agarathia ,which was turned miraculously to a tree.Visitors of the monastery can be hosted in the questhouse and the dining room of a monastery and admire the library with the old manyscripts.Outside the monastery ,there is the old church of St.Raphael.

Second Stop ,is in the village Thrapsano.Thrapsano is referred as “The village of potters” in official papers of 16th century underlying its long-lasting tradition in hand-made pottery.Nowadays,the production of pots and ceramics is stil continued in this workshop “Minoan Pottery” in Thrapsano, following the traditional patterns and techniques.The same movements of the hands,the same tools,and the same relationship between the chief potters and their apprentices.Even if they use modern tools,they only serve the pace of the line of production without affecting the quality of our pots.

At the lunch time,we arrive in Myrtia village.A small traditional Cretan village that displays characteristic samples of Cretan architecture.Myrtia is also the birth place of Nikos Kazantzakis and has a Museum dedicated to the famous Cretan writer.It exhibits personal objects and memorabilia tha refer to the life and work of Kazantzakis as well as copies of his books.Local taverns are available for your lunch under the big ancient trees in the village’s square and as you walk in the narrow streets of the village you will meet local Cretan men drinking their coffee in the traditional cafe “kafenia” where only men are allowed.

Our last stop is in Skalani village in order to visit one of the best-equipped , state of the art wineries in Europa.Visitors can enjoy a tour of the cellar and they can enjoy the impressive multimedia show which has gained major awards at international competitions.

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Imbros Gorge

  • Duration: 8 hours Approximately
  • Day available: Monday
  • Languages: English, German, Russian , French, Dutch
  • Location:
  • Price: €38
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• Professional and Multilingual speaking guide.
• Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.

• Tips and Individual expenses.

Imbros gorge is the second most popular gorge for walkers in Crete after the gorge of Samaria.In addition, the village of Imbros is a charming mountain village,the starting point of the gorge.

Comparing to Samaria , Imbros Gorge is much easier to walk  : the walking distance is 8 km,total descent is around 600m and the average walking time is about 2.5 hours.The path is generally easier underfoot.This is the sort of walk that you could easily walk with children.It also would not need to take a whole long day.

The gorge is fairly narrow (under 2 meters wide at one point !) and has plenty of trees you will have shade most of the time.The gorge is much smaller in height as well as length and less majestic than Samaria but this also means that at all times you are right next to the slopes and cliffs and has a much better opportunity to see plants and flowers at close range.And there are plenty of interesting flowers to see, especially in the spring.

After around 90 minutes walk from the gorge entrance booth (2hours if you walk really slowly) you will pass an impressive stone arch on your right.After this the gorge widens a little and after around 15 more minutes you get to the road and the village of Komitades where you’ll find quite a few tavernas.

The village Komitades is the end of the gorge and the meeting pont for the bus to pick you up.


Type of excursion : Adventure -Educational-Full day

Should take : Proper walking shoes, photo camera , a bottle of water and fruits or sweets during the walk.

Not included-pay on the spot : Imbros Gorge entrance fee : 2,00 euro

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Rouvas Forest Hiking

  • Duration: 6.5 hours Approximately
  • Days Avalaible: Upon Request
  • Language: English, German
  • Location: Heraklion, South Heraklion, Gergeri, Rouvas Gorge
  • Price: 75 Euros.
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Included in the price: 

  • Transport to and from the village of Gergeri. 
  • Refreshments (bottled water, sandwich and a full meal at the taverna including local wine and raki. 
  • Local taxes and full insurance.

Not included: 

Footwear, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Camera, Ice cream, Soft drinks and Beer. 

The Rouvas forest is located on a small plateau of Psiloritis,55km south of Heraklion,16km north of Gergeri ,and covers an area of 30,000 hectares.

The ecological importance of the forest is significant ,as it shelters many protecte animal species and has a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna.

We start our walk through the Rouvas gorge at an altitude of 1,400m.
We walk for about 5k enjoying impressive views,before we arrive at the small chapel Agios Ioannis.Here we stop for a rest and relax a bit beside the springs and under the shady plane trees.
After our break , we walk for another 4.5km past rugged cliffs and impessive rock formations towards our final destination,the monastery of Agios Nikolaos.


We are sure that the gorge will stay unforgettable in your memory!

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