Chrissi island

  • Duration: 8-9 hours approximately
  • Day available: Tue,Wed,Sat,Sun
  • Language: EN, DE, RU, FR, PL
  • Location: South Crete, Ierapetra ,Chrissi
  • Price: 48€
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  • Entrance to the island
  • Boat ticket
  • Professional and Multilingual speaking guide.
  • Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.
  • Tips and Individual expenses.


  • Libyan sea-dolphin spotting
  • The unique “Lebanon” cedar tree forest on Chrissi Island
  • “Golden Beach”-the fossilized shell beach with the white sand and the crystal clear water


Are you ready for adventure ?

Do you want to feel , for a while ,like a modern castaway,stranded on a desert island?Then come along to the island of Chrissi!

Our adventure starts in the beautiful city of Ierapetra ,which is located o the southern coast of the island.From here , a short boat trip takes us to the secluded island of Chrissi.During the journey,we are often accompanied by yellow-legged gulls and dolphins that enjoy the magic of the Libyan sea , until we finally drop anchor to the “Island”, as the locals are used to calling it.

Chrissi is secluded,isolated , almost tropical island on the most southern end of Crete.Due to its unparallel beauty and its unique ecosystem, it is under the protection of Natura 2000 Networking Programme,as a wildlife refuge and an “area of intense natural beauty”.

The pristine beaches,the myriads of shell fossils on volcanic rocks-remnants of the time that the island was sunk in the sea,limpsets and corals , the shallow crysrtal clear waters , the cedar forest , the fine reddish sand with the mosses and lichens,the old salt marsh , the Roman carved tombs,the small church of St.Nicolas and the peacefulness of this unique ecosystem are bound to steal your heart and make you daydream.

So,if you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the civilization , even for a single day ,if you swim,to explore ,to relax under the scorching sun,come to Chrissi with us!